You know what’s not cool? THIS. 

I always thought I was not as popular as other artists, so I felt that my stuff was not even worth being re-posted. Guess what I was wrong.  It irks me, it pisses me off that they didn’t even provide a link (even though the watermark is visible) back to the original source. How fucking lazy and ignorant can you be to grab a drawing and just post it on facebook with “© To The Owner” NOT EVEN MY URL OR PSEUDONYM, THAT IS WRITTEN ON THE DRAWING, IS ON THE ‘CREDIT’ SECTION. This is not the first time. I have seen my drawings -the ones without watermark at least- on pinterest. Not only will I start adding watermarks on all my drawings but they won’t be bigger than 500px either ever. I am aware some people have it worse, but I am in my right to complain how some jerks don’t even ask for permission.

If you ever think about re-posting anything. DO NOT. You need to stop. Also I hate using my real facebook to step up since I don’t want people to find me there; I’m glad my friend spotted it and warned me about it though. Hey I’m cool as long as you ask for permission and to be honest I am a nice person irl, but common decency is needed to keep me being nice, too. 

Worse is that facebook page is full of drawings from artists that originally uploaded them to tumblr some  of them are my friends’, too. They even re-post photosets. Just because you see stuff in the internet does not mean it is free and you are entitled to do whatever you want with it. STOP YOUR BULLSHIT. ALWAYS ASK.


Bhunivelze’s weapon’s name is translated as "Ceremony of the Two Gods." Considering that some of his Japanese-exclusive dialogue is demanding Lightning to submit to him and become his goddess of death, this makes the whole fight play out like an insane wedding ceremony. (x)

ARTIST: Of Mice & Men
ALBUM: The Flood

ARTIST: Ratatat
TRACK: Gettysburg
ALBUM: Classics


“Nature is a haunted house - but Art - is a house that tries to be haunted.” 

Emily Dickinson, The Complete Poems



liv suggested badass lavi and lena and thought ok delinquents yeah-

lenalee’s supposed to look more BA but i will see what i can do maybe change her hair and all- still need to do dem clothes right